Interested in Our Kindergarten Program?

If you would like to know more about our Kindergarten Program the below information package will be able to answer many of your questions.  Take some time to read through it.  After reading through, If you decide you would like to apply for our Kindergarten Program, all of the forms you need can be found below the Kindergarten Information Brochure link on this page.


Kindergarten Application Forms

If you have decided you would like to register your student for our Kindergarten Program you will need to fill out the following forms for Harvest City Christian Academy’s Admissions.  Please read the below instructions carefully before filling out your forms:

Kindergarten Admission Procedures:

  1. Thoroughly complete and answer all questions in the application forms attachment (in here is the application form, kindergarten readiness checklist, and tuition worksheet)
  2. Parents and Students must carefully read and sign the Standard of Conduct form.
  3. The Pastoral Reference form must be sent to your pastor to fill out and return to the school. If you would prefer, you can let us know the name of the pastor and church where you would like this form sent. We will then contact them and ask them to fill out that form on your behalf.
  4. Once all of your paperwork has been reviewed, you will receive a call to schedule an interview with the Principal.
  5. Once a family is accepted, based on whether we feel the student and Harvest Christian Academy are a good fit, the registration deposit will be due immediately. The amount of the registration deposit is $75.00/student or $150.00/family.
  6. Fill out all forms in the Final Registration Packet. (This will be given to you upon acceptance)
  7. Read the student handbook thoroughly.
  8. The Academy will arrange for your child’s previous academic records to be transferred to Harvest City Christian Academy.


Standard of Conduct Form

This form must be carefully read and signed by all parents/guardians and students:

Pastoral Reference Form

Fill in the beginning of this form and then send it to your Pastor to fill in the rest.  The pastor should then submit the form back directly to Harvest City Christian Academy.