Harvest City Christian Academy (HCCA), in conjunction with the HCCA Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has adopted the following anti-bullying policy.
Purpose:  HCCA seeks to provide a safe, nurturing, learning environment in a Christian context. Therefore, we, as staff, endeavour to teach and model Christ-like behavior. We believe that, before God, we are not to be satisfied with outer conformity to a policy, but through prayer and speaking the truth in love, we are to seek for an inner transformation of the heart. That having been attained, the individual will begin to respond out of a desire to please God and not just conform to a rule or policy. In other words, our ultimate goal is to change the heart to change the behavior. That is for life and to the glory of God!
To this end, we are to encourage and correct in a spirit of love and humility, not just bullying behaviors, but such things as selfishness, unkindness, and inconsideration. We believe this to be an outgrowth of our values as an intentionally Christian community. Our proof texts are the two greatest commandments: we are “to love God with our whole being” and “to love our neighbour as ourself”.
Harvest City Christian Academy, therefore, seeks to provide a learning environment free from harassment and bullying of any kind. We, the community and supporters of HCCA, are committed to providing a compassionate, receptive, and non-threatening atmosphere in which each and every one of our pupils can learn and flourish. We promote an attitude of respect and dignity towards others. We prohibit all forms of bullying.