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Kathleen Christoffel Principal
Todd Harrison Principal
Tana Hoff Kindergarten
Ruebi Erfle Grade 1
Bethann Ruecker Grade 2 am
Lilly Duncan Grade 2 pm, Itinerant
Ruth Delorme Grade 3
Janine Patterson Grade 4
Orisha Boychuk Grade 5 am
Justine Glover Grade 5, Specialist
Jason Muller Grade 6
Ashley Clayton Grade 7, Itinerant, LRT
Bethany Peterson Grade 7, Teacher Librarian, Itinerant
Ali Poetker Grade 7, Science Itinerant
Tara Yemba Grade 8
Mark Husband Grade 9 Home Room
Pam Blenkin Grade 10 am, & LRT
Sharla Duncan Grade 10 pm
Theresa Yanoshewski Grade 11 Home Room
Deanna Cook Grade 12 Home Room
Ali Poetker Science Itinerant
Jocelyn Drozda Visual Art & French Itinerant
Hayleigh Piok Arts Education, Itinerant
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